HOY-HOY! - The Band

Frank Lang formed HOY-HOY! the band quite a while ago now, and upon noticing the band had notched up 27 years realised that 'time was up'.

On Sunday the 22nd May, 2016, at the Semaphore Workers Club, Hoy-Hoy! "shuffled off this mortal coil" with its final show... ever (no Johnny Farnhams).

The Players

The guests performing at the final show included,

Don Morrison,

Dave Blight,

Dave Small,

Chris Finnen and

John Freeman

and of course the Hoy-Hoy! trio for the last 7 years, Mauri Berg, Trapper and Frank Lang.

This final performance was caught on video and you can buy the DVD of this memorable show below!

This video on the right is just a sample of the fun we had that night.

A Taste of the Show

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