The History

Hoy Hoy! the band

        HOY-HOY! started life as a trio based on the early blues of the Texas band, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, who were themselves fans of earlier artist's including Slim Harpo.

       As a trio with Mauri Berg at the helm, the music became tougher, so the, "we're not loud, you're soft", catch phrase applied. The band featured some original tunes penned by Don Morrison and Frank , as well as some borrowed old ones like, "Too Late", "300 Pounds", Dr. feelgood's "Night Time", "Back in the Night" and the Thunderbirds' "Wait on Time".

       The vista widened with Peter Green's "Oh Well", getting a good rockin' and Hendrix's version of "All Along The Watchtower".

Trapper on Drums

       Trapper is a powerhouse drummer with years of experience under his belt, including a stint with legendary rock r&b outfit Mickey Finn, and a couple of years in England and Europe with guitar slinger, Gwynn Ashton.

Whyalla boy, Mauri Berg, makes good.

         ''68" W.G.Berg,  "70" Headband, The Mount Lofty Rangers with Bonn Scott.  "71" Fraternity Two with Jimmy Barnes and Swannee.  "73" Mickey Finn, mark one and two........and now....Hoy-Hoy!

        Mauri has recorded at Alberts Studios, toured the country on the strength of some No.1 singles and inspires and awes music lovers with soaring guitar playing, and definitive guitar licks. A great musician.


          Frank's influences range from Rick Danko to Jack Bruce, and include the wonderful bass playing of Duck Dunn and those guys who make the bass guitar the wonderful instrument it is. Listen to the great bass lines on B. B. King and Fenton Robinson, records to experience a  sound so smooth.

         Also the one and only Bruce Howe, fellow South Australian and bass player behind Fraternity, Mickey Finn and early Jimmy Barnes, and the "Mega Boys".

       But lets face it the great playing of Keith Fergusson on the Fabulous Thunderbirds was an eye opener.  Anyone got a 51 p-bass they want to give Frank?

       Frank loves to chat with the crowd at gigs and is passionate about good electric music and bands, he's less enamored with solos and duos, and don't start talkin' about this stomp box aberration sweeping the solo players world.

       Frank Lang played music in Adelaide bands for years before deciding to front his own outfit, and took the name of a Little Feat album and a 1930's - 40's exclamation 'Hoy-Hoy!' as a band name.     

        From the Sensational Bodgies, and The Flyers, to stints as bass player for Matt Taylor's Chain , and recently with Kevin Borich, he immersed himself with passion in the music.  Trapper and Frank work with Matt Taylor in Adelaide's Chain and recently with guitar legend Kevin Borich.

Reviews of the previous release

      'Don't tell Frank'

       From the very first time I saw Hoy-Hoy! play live at the 1991 Adelaide R&B Festival in Hahndorf up until the present time, I have been continually impressed by the energy, drive and enthusiasm for their music shown by Frank Lang and the band.

       Hoy-Hoy! play rockin' rhythm and blues with a particularly Australian flavor, seeming to these ears to epitomize what Australian R&B bands should espouse ?

      A true Australian R&B style.

     Adelaide audiences over the intervening years have also warmed to that Hoy-Hoy! style voting them as the band making the Most Outstanding Contribution to Blues Music in South Australia at last year's South Australian Music Industry Association awards, an accolade that they totally deserved.  They are, however, more than just a "Blues Band".  Their music is based in blues, but they are easily capable of getting an audience on the dance floor, something that not all "blues" bands are able to accomplish. 

      Hoy-Hoy! rock like hell.

                          Terry Heazlewood - 5 UV Saturday Blues